Sole provider of the elusive French Steel Flatheads and components

About Us

In spite of what you might hear from other gearheads and read on internet message boards, there is one primary source for new French Flathead hardware in the United States – San Francisco Flatheads. There are other folks selling new French blocks and related hardware through their own businesses, some of which was purchased prior to June 2006. This is when SF Flatheads acquired the entire inventory from the original importer of military equipment in Texas, not a custom-wheel seller in Kansas.

As often happens, rumors persist long after the truth of a situation has been made clear, and we expect we’ll be asked years from now if we buy our stuff from that wheel company. That’s okay, we’ve told you what the real deal is and will endeavor to provide French blocks and hardware, as well as complete expertly rebuilt turnkey French flathead engines at fair prices and with complete assurance that orders will be filled in a timely manner. Everything we offer for sale is on hand and ready for immediate shipment.