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Bare Block Stage 1



The perfect Ford-Mercury block! Outstanding casting quality thanks to modern foundry technology.

  • No cracks, no rust.
  • Stronger everywhere it needs to be with thicker decks and main bearing bulkheads and larger main-bearing caps.
  • Mains are aligned honed.
  • 3-3/16-inch standard bore.
  • 59AB-type bellhousing with 8BA refinements for improved coolant flow. Requires 1938-1948 oil pan.
  • Drilled and tapped to accept 8BA or truck waterpumps.
  • Drilled and tapped to accept either early (center outlet) or late (forward outlet) heads.
  • Factory relieved (won’t accept Ardun heads).
  • Bellhousing CNC-machined to fit Ford firewalls without modification.
  • Gasket set is included.
  • Long center head bolts (required) and rear main seal retainer are included.

Bosses and casting numbers and pads for military applications will not fit most Ford passenger car applications without firewall modifications.

SF Flathead blocks are precision milled to remove the unsightly “lumps.” Only a pad remains that carries a SF Flatheads serial number.
Stop searching for a savable old Henry lump. This strong, high-nickel casting is the last flathead block you’ll ever need!

In stock and ready to ship. Truck shipping required. Rate quoted at order.