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Hardened Valve Seats


Full set of 16 Stellite seats. They are standard size, 1.5 inches, and can be enlarged to 1.6 inches for Chevrolet stainless-steel valves, when required.

Beginning in 1951 Ford phased out hardened intake seats, and by 1952 hardened exhaust seats were eliminated as well. With the commonly available leaded gasoline at the time, this did not pose a significant problem. With leaded gasoline no longer available, however, these new hardened seats are a must for restorations and hot-rodded versions of this engine series as well as earlier flatheads when damaged or severely worn seats are replaced.

• 1932-1953 Ford car
• 1932-1953 Ford truck
• 1932-1954 Canadian truck
• 1939-1953 Mercury car
• All French